Brownville to Peru 





   I am sitting in my tent dealing with hail, lightning and downpours. I forgot how violent the storms can be in the Midwest, but I am definitely reminded this evening. It’s my own fault, I jinxed myself by sending glorious picks of my cowboy stew and amazing sunset. 

Today was good. All said, I walked about 23 miles and felt great. I even decided to run three miles. The scenery was reminiscent of the Katy trail by Rocheport; cliffs on one side River on the other…I had a blast today as I explored side trails and looked for animals. I decided to play a pretend survival game, a what if so to speak. So I identified things I would eat if I had no food. I would have had a feast: wild strawberries, snails, corn, soybeans, and frog legs. Now if I could have figured out how to bring down the turkey, pheasant, or deer then I would have been living the high life. 

The walk itself produced great scenery, modern intricate cliff carvings and canopied forest. The only disappointment was walking into Peru which I projected to be much like our visit to Benedictine College- but I think I came in the far end of town. It was literally a ghost town. 

This hike I am alone so I turned around and back trekked. Upon entering Brownsville I headed up mainstreet and saw tons of people setting up for a flea market. I do not want to write about that at this point-it is my topic for tomorrow. In short, the entrepreneurial American spirit thrives in small towns like this! Eventually, I made it to the Whiskey Creek Run Winery which was such a great reward for the end of my day. As I sat by myself with a glass of wine I reflected on the day. For six hours I did not see a human being, I explored nature, thought of my lovely wife, kids and friends and determined I am so very lucky to have my life. 

Just like I forgot how severe the storms are in the Midwest (still raining) I forgot how spiritual hiking is for me.

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One thought on “Brownville to Peru 

  1. I love it that you are sharing tha with us!

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